Mama Tried to Steer Me Better… (thanks, Merle Haggard, for putting things in perspective!)


So…  Ploughing through the dust and mold of the back storage area, I wonder wearily, “why, Why, WHY does anyone shove a box of stuff NOBODY is EVER GOING to Ever Ever Ever use into storage?”  Stuff, my friends, that could have been discarded years earlier.  Especially since the folks who once might have used it are long gone.

For an answer, put the needle on the old old wail of a two-year-old, “I Don’t WANNA.”  Because deep inside we are all Mama’s Only Rebel Child….

As I wondered, Why On Earth Anyone would shove a box full of old pickle jars full of school paint into a corner of under-house storage and leave them there to ossify…

I came to believe that storage areas are the last battlegrounds defended by our inner two-year-olds.

That box of a dozen horrid, stuck-shut jars of half-congealed school….

Have NOTHING to do with Sentiment (the boxes full of handmade Christmas ornaments fall into that category),
NOTHING to do with Possible Future Usefulness (that box full of “someday these will be antiques and then we can sell them” falls into that category),
NOTHING to do with Overwhelm (the box full of all the whatevers they give you at the hospital after you have had surgery might fall into that category)

BUT …..

EVERYTHING to do with I Don’t Wanna Hafta Clean Up My Room (after THEY Made that Mess, anyway.)

So.  Shove it all under the bed (house) and believe that nobody will notice.

Rejoice that because now you’re an adult and Mama is not going to show up, lift the bedspread, ignore your kicking and screaming (and lengthy rationalizations about how This Isn’t The Best Use of Your Time), and make you deal with it.  (“No one could steer me right, but Mama TRIED…”)

But.  Without her, you are going to end up doing Life Without Parole, imprisoned in all that stuff no matter WHO generated it.

Unless, maybe, you get lucky and someone brings a file, shows you how you can saw through your chains, and you start to get the idea to free yourself…

The photo is of all the boxes of stuff I found (besides those paints) that local craftswomen are willing to take from me.  And of my packing supervisor….

Thanks to the Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally Band who performed Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried” during their awesome show at the Cozmic Café in Placerville, CA; June 17, 2016…  You put those thoughts into my head and now they’ve found a home!

Author: American Declutterer

I've had three careers, moved among thirteen states, and cleared four houses after loved ones moved on. Sometimes you just have to look at all the stuff and laugh. Then get back to discarding.

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