I mislaid my credit card and delighted I am that we have the Internet because without any fuss at all I logged on and “froze” my account.

I was SURE I would find it fairly easily.

I tore apart, culled, then reassembled, the piles of books, writing equipment and blankets by the living room lounger where I do a lot of my grading. (Two more books went into the discard box.)

I removed and sorted everything on my desk and a lot that was in it.  In particular I sorted months of correspondence into: recycle, shred, file.  Then to make room for stuff to be saved, I sorted half a drawer of the filing cabinet and shredded another hill of papers.

I scoured my car; took out the floor cushions and crawled in with a flashlight, peering into every cranny.  Pulled out a bag full of trash, found a missing glove, a penny, an old snow scraper and two paperclips…

I emptied my purse and my school bag, discarded all sorts of old receipts and Kleenexes, and checked the linings for holes.

And so forth.

I still haven’t found it.  I stopped looking.  They’ll send me a new one soon.

But driving to work today I opened up a c.d. and found TWO discs nestled inside.  I’d been LOOKING ALL OVER for that Lonesome Ace String Band recording….


Author: American Declutterer

I've had three careers, moved among thirteen states, and cleared four houses after loved ones moved on. Sometimes you just have to look at all the stuff and laugh. Then get back to discarding.

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