About the Author

For sixteen years I was a professional symphony cellist. In time I completed two degrees in Cello Performance, taught private lessons and class music theory and administered an after-school music program. Then I broke a hand in a car accident…

So I took up mathematics, earned a PhD and spent twenty-five years teaching university level mathematics. And I began to play a bit of banjo…

To accomplish all of this, I moved among thirteen states, often with family, each time weighing the choice of what to bring. Long before the current consideration of “joy,” I got really good at discerning the gold hiding in the dross!

And then Cinderella met her Prince Charming! In short order, I remarried, retired and relocated across the country. There, having first pared down my own belongs before the move, I began to clear out his deceased first wife’s prolific, utterly unsorted, accumulated-over-a-lifetime clutter, jammed into every nook, cranny and storage area of the three-bedroom house.

And as I worked, I documented my adventures on Facebook  …

It turned out that several friends and family members were on their own journey of decluttering houses, so as I chronicled my stories, folks would testify that they were heartened, encouraged and inspired by these tales. Eventually people began to suggest that I write a book.

And so I began to blog a book of my reflections on being an American Declutterer.


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