About This Blog

American Declutterer shares my reflections on the hard work of my thirteen interstate moves and the tender work of clearing houses after four family deaths.

At the heart of decluttering a home lie our relationships.

Our stuff is tangled up with our relationship to our past and present selves, to our childhood and adult families, and with the communities to which we present ourselves.  But also, the task of cleaning out metaphorical Aegean stables is made sweeter by having the company of fellow declutterers.

My dream for this work is to provide you this companionship by telling about the stories I found while clearing the dross from my home and my life while you strengthen your relationships through decluttering yours.


4 thoughts on “About This Blog”

  1. Oddly, I have always been proud of being a clutter bug but you have me thinking now…and you have seen my house so maybe…just maybe I will go down this trail of declutter and try it. Cant hurt, probably will help (especially the closet!). Worth a shot!


    1. Hi Carol Ann!
      I think the primary reason to do decluttering is to reclaim the space for some other use. In my experience, it’s less about the stuff itself. If there’s no longer room to put stuff in your closets and whatever is already in there isn’t serving any purpose and the stuff you can’t put in there is annoying when it gets left out, then folks tend to want to reclaim that closet so they can reclaim their living space for some activity… 🙂


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