Desk Mess Regrets

That’s an historic picture of my desk.
Here and now?????
My desk is a mess.
But yesterday…

Having finished all my grading, my lesson plan writing, laundry, baking…

I emptied the catch all basket; filled the recycle bin, the shredder, file cabinet folders and…

Discovered two OLD recall and check something notices for my car.


Dang for lots of reasons, not the least of which is that the local service center for my car abruptly went out of business last month.

I coulda gotten ‘er checked So Easily If I’d Stayed On Top of Things.


Dispersal Dramas 2

This morning, before the heat of the day set in, we marked the end of my eight day intersession effort to clear out our lower level and the beginning of my husband’s ongoing effort to straighten up the garage, by making our second and final dump run of 2017.  Tomorrow I’ll be back in the classroom.

From my eight days of work to clear out the lower level, I amassed…

Seven canvas totes full of thirty years out-of-date middle school science, social studies, and math texts — libraries and resale shops won’t take out of print textbooks —


and five trash bags filled with equally ancient newspaper clippings, magazines and a ream or two of related classroom worksheet duplicates.



From my husband’s garage-clearing efforts, he culled…

Two busted drying racks
Uncounted ratty plastic buckets and containers
A pile of filthy mats, rugs, pads
And a sizable array of rusty, broken yard tools.


And that’s it for our 2017 allotment of “get into the dump free” vouchers.

Day Six of Clearing the Lower Level: Trash removal

Today my husband loaded those broken down cardboard boxes into the back of the Jeep Patriot and I delivered them to the enormous dumpsters at the recycling center.

After I returned home, we filled the back of the Patriot with broken flower pots, a cracked fifty gallon plastic drum, a sack filled with broken down looseleaf binders and a smattering of styrofoam peanuts, old plastic tubs, a broken set of wind chimes, a broken lamp, a broken tea table and… the gigantic business sign from the remedial reading center, a valiant business effort my husband’s deceased first wife attempted years ago.  We took it all to the dump.

I was exhausted and fell asleep almost as soon as we got home.

A young friend, forced into shoveling clutter at a tremendous rate in order to move house on short notice, texted us to touch base.

We sent virtual hugs.

Then I texted back:
“When Anger grows stronger than Fatigue, STOP.”
She promised she and her husband would do just that.

Tomorrow I will clear and sort stuff from that last shelf…